The 1st Secret

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The opening instalment of the Astro Saga


Zarrox, Keeper of the Celestial…


'Had me on the edge of my seat throughout the entire descent to Earth,'

Uncle Otto


Lord Steal, ambitious, aggravating and aggressive commander of Aztex forces in the pre Earth sequence of asteroids of the Midgard layer.

Introducing the Celestial Secrets, the First Secret takes the reader straight into the heart of the action as Torr races against time to save humanity from extinction. Can he figure out what's going on fast enough to stay one step ahead of his adversaries?


Find out how he got into this mess in the first place.


For children looking for an idea of what their future might hold, to parents searching for a way to keep boys reading, or give girls an interest in technology and for fathers wondering how to introduce their youngsters to a lifetime enjoyment of science fiction. The Celestial Secrets were written for all of you.


The first in a series of seven books, the First Secret is a both a complete story in itself as well as the start of the compulsive Celestial Secrets, the first epic instalment in the Astro Saga


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The quest for the Celestial Secrets continues in:-​

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