The creative commercial collective is all about working together to create synergies that couldn't be achieved individually, so it's no surprise that we are big on partnering.

Why is collective partnering important for creatives?


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We offer partnering opportunities in the following areas:


How do we apply that at OMG?

The general principles are that:-

  • We share the benefits of marketing collateral and distribution

  • We fund that from a percentage of sales generated from that marketing. No result, no payment.


In our experience every creative is different. The very nature of our creativity, our experiences, skills and resources generates individual scenarios and therefore, rather than producing a 'one size fits all' model, we operate a framework that allows us to adapt to each person's different circumstances. We all have strengths and weaknesses. One of our strengths is about harnessing the strengths of unique people and combining them together into effective organisations. That's what we do at Oblique Media.


If that's an idea that makes sense, then get in contact with us to find out how our framework might work for you. If you'd like to have a look at what our standard T&C's look like then have a look here.

The key concept behind the creative commercial collective is arranging our marketing and promotional activity so that it generates benefits for all of us. Nowadays, marketing and promotions are so wide ranging that the possibilities are endless, however, they can also be all consuming activities. Like any investment, whether it be time, or money, we need to make the most of it.


Some of us are quite protective of our creations, whilst others enjoy seeing where different minds can take out creations. Some of us see our concepts as broad canvases for others to fill in detail with, whilst others see their creations as pristine and unique moments in time.


So first, let's start by putting any concerns to rest. If you don't want to share any of your IP, then that's fine. There's no requirement for you to do that. If it's not for you, that's okay and you can change your mind at any time.


If you do want to share your IP, then the only restriction we place on doing that through Oblique Media is that you are already a part of our collective marketing effort. If you're already working with us then you already know the benefits and what that's going to be like as well as how to get in contact with us.


We refer to creative IP that's available for others to work with as Commercially Open IP, or COIP for short. In the same way as with OMG's marketing and promotional partnering we operate the COIP on the basis of: -

Creative and IP co-operation and sharing

  • Sharing the benefits

  • No upfront financial payment. No return then no payment.

  • Invest time and attention for financial return. Balance any need for financial investment against the anticipated returns.


COIP that's already open includes: -


If you're interested in using some of our IP in your creations and you can't see it referred to here, then it's still worth getting in contact with us, or the creator directly. You never know, you may have a commercially interesting proposition that's too good to refuse. Or take an alternative look at what we are suggesting here.


If you're looking for wider commercial exploitation of any of the creative assets owned by OMG creatives then read on.


And if the word exploitation made you flinch then remember that exploitation is defined as the act of making an asset more profitable, productive, or useful.


We like to think of it as a more effective use of the time and effort we put into creating.



So what's different here?


The differences here can best be explained by examples and illustration. For instance: -

  • Creative IP is used to sell other products. Think mugs with Micky Mouse on them, school bags made to look like transformers.

  • COIP crosses from one media to another. For example a music album is turned into a musical, or a book is converted into a play, TV series, or movie.

  • OMG creatives work together to create something new. Think Maddie, Lewis and Mason from 'Who will I be?' in Faerielandz.


Clearly, the options here are endless. If this is you then the next step is to get in contact with us. To set expectations, in broad terms, whilst our general principles from other areas of commercial collaboration are going to be similar, since we're stepping away from what we know and are familiar with, we're more likely to be protective of illegal or fraudulent exploitation. That may mean that we will be looking for additional incentives to offset the added commercial risks that we are taking.


Our creative assets are very precious to us.


They've taken large parts of our lives to produce.


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