Robert Smithbury

Richard Sinclair


'I want my children to read books to inform and encourage them in a positive way as well as entertain. 


Why are books like that not easy to find?'

Richard Sinclair

Currently in production

  • Mason and the Barbeque

  • Mason and the bees

Books and interactive apps for young children that would encourage them to live their lives to the full without the artificial boundaries or borders that society often place on them.  Colourful, fun and containing strong, inspiring messages to encourage young minds to embrace all that their futures have to offer them.

Robert Smithbury

"Star Wars meets How to Train your Dragon"

Mixes that weird wonderment of "Dr Who in Wonderland"

Fantasy and science fiction for older children and young teens:-

Currently in production

  • The hamster, the pirates and the refrigerator

  • Princess de Stiny

  • The vision of the dawn together

  • The lost bottle

"What you'd get if you asked Pseudonymous Bosch to write a Star Trek movie"


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