The 5th Secret

Pirate bases, dinosaurs, dragons and sixteen chapters crammed full of mirth-filled mayhem

This one has it all

'There's a fifth one? I thought the Fourth Secret was the last book?'

Lady Medea, WANTED for piracy, dead or alive.


'If I'd known the girls were going to be getting mixed up with pirates I never would have let them stay out late' 

Mrs Blaine, speaking to reporters at the Saurrox theme park.


'We're under attack!'

Jimi Scribble, amphibian aboard the Santa Anna.


'The signal's gone. It's totally disappeared. Does that mean that the Eos has vanished? Is all lost?'

Armitage Shanks, self-professed detective of the unreal, nemesis of the underworld, celestial investigator, enquirer of the unknowable, assessor of space, auditor of the asteroids and absolutely deadly in the ancient art of armed umbrellarama. Currently on undercover assignment and whereabouts unknown.

 Available April 2018


'Am I in this one?'

Lord Steal, ambitious, aggravating and aggressive commander of Aztex forces in the pre Earth sequence of asteroids in the Midgard layer.

In the 5th instalment of the Celestial Secrets, problems are piling up faster than the bin bags on Nautilon. The remaining survivors of Lady Medea's treacherous attack start from ground zero in their pursuit of the Fifth Secret.


Can they wrench the Fifth Secret free from the clawing grasp of the Pirate Queen?


Who is the running man and what is he fleeing?


'When you're this far down, the only way is up.'

(Quote attributed to Commander Nat Noire of the Imperial Commonwealth

moments before crossing the event horizon of a black hole).

 Mystery piles on mystery with no solutions in sight and there's still the small matter of traversing a wilderness populated with more man (including women and children) eating monsters than anyone has ever encountered before. Can the captivating quest for the Celestial Secrets continue, or is this the end?


The action doesn't let up in this latest episode of the light-hearted Astro Saga, the enthralling antidote to computer games, over indulgent tablets and social media. It's classic science fiction for the young at heart, or even just the young. Can you figure out the final secrets before humanity hurtles off the cliff edge of extinction?


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The quest for the Celestial Secrets continues in:-​

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