The 4th Secret

Dragons meet dinosaurs

'nuff said


Soot, Black Dragon


'Technically we're half way through, but after what happened in The Third Secret, I'm still extremely worried that we might not live to see the end of this…',

Natalia Vodianova, speaking on the Grayam Thoughton show,

after being nominated for a Golden Globula for her part in the Celestial Secrets.


'We have to stop this now!'

Dr Wonderfoul, leading bio geneticist, speaking to 'Bio Genetics today'.


'This is…' Sara Blaine

'..all very…' Tara Blaine

'…EXCITING!', Kara Blaine

<extracted from the Blaine triplet twitterbookfeed>


The fourth instalment of the Celestial Secrets, kicks off the action right from the start with a pirate attack that has Kiki arming the Ionic cannons. Or is it? In the Astro Saga, everything is not always as it first seems.


In the Saurox theme park, inside the asteroid of Triassica, the remaining crew members of the Eos search for Nattie. She's been kidnapped by an old enemy for unspeakable nefarious purposes and it's only a matter of time before her short career comes to a sticky end. The clock is ticking.


Introducing the Black Dragons, the Aztex empire's highly (ahem) trained fighting team of especially bred behemoths. Up against them are the genetically enhanced saurian inhabitants of the theme park and with the whole asteroid threatening to crack at the seams through excessive volcanic activity, it's anybody's guess who's going to come out of this one alive, (if anyone).


Remember, if you do read this one, you must keep the location of the secret pirate lair secret, or…

too late, they're at the door…

no… stop!


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