The 7th and final Secrets

The grand finale!

All is (finally) revealed

'You’re probably all going to die without ever really understanding why'

Colonel F Wright Ning, Commander of the Nebulon III and Admiral of the Carthaginian Veyan Fleet.

'Have we met before? Ulp!' 

Lord Steal, slightly overawed, aggravating and ashamed commander of Aztex forces in the

pre Earth sequence of asteroids in the Midgard layer.


'Smithbury ties everything up with panache, whilst revealing what was really going on all along. Kept me guessing to the end and the revelations about Torr were totally unexpected,' 

Chief Historian of the Celestial Secrets

Available November 2019


With more secrets than you can shake a Fragglian at, when three Empires collide there can be only one survivor and what does that mean for the future of mankind?


In this final instalment of the Celestial Secrets, we finally find out the secrets of the Gates of Titan. The Eye in the Sky is under attack by the Carthaginians and we discover what happens when a black dragon (no prizes for guessing which one) takes on a Carthaginian battle ship (yes really).


Revealing the truth about the aliens, the crew of the Dragon's Dawn take on their ultimate challenges while some of our long term companions will face the final frontier. If you miss this one you'll be forever wondering what happened.


..the only thing left unrevealed is the fate of Uncle Otto, but that will be unveiled in 'Torr Naydo and the King of Earth', a future season of science fiction adventure from the thrilling pages of the Astro Saga.


A heady blend of humour and science fiction for children and young teens who should know better than to waste their imagination on spoon fed electronic, re-hashed pseudo-pap.




The quest for the Celestial Secrets begins in:-​

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