The 6th Secret

It's been a long time coming; the return of

Dr Wonderfoul!

Things get much, much darker

He was such a nice boy,'

Mrs. Wonderfoul



The Cythonic Tiger


'1+1+1 = 1???' 



'Heh, heh, heh…'

Grow Tess, incumbent weirdo, temporarily in charge of the Temple of Insanityx


'This looks like a nice place to spend the night…'

Commander Barney Brine, Oceanius, His Imperial Majesty's Navy

on arriving at the Temple of Insanityx.

Available November 2018


'We would like to deny any formal connection with said establishment,'

The Knights of Insanityx

We're running out of secrets and the solar system is running out of time.


The crew of the Dragon's Dawn prepare for the final confrontation as their enemies rally against them. In this penultimate instalment of the Celestial Secrets the remnants of Torr's team become separated and each must confront the dangerously dark depths of the Temple of Insanityx before the final page.


Some of them won't survive as we know them and in the fatal finale we finally find out what the Carthaginians have been up to all this time. Plus, the Imperial Commonwealth reveal their true colours. Can they really be trusted? Where is Armitage Shanks when you need him?


With three Empires, a half dozen dragons, a host of new weirdos and the return of some famous (and infamous) faces this one's set to be the last humdinger before the big one.


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The quest for the Celestial Secrets continues in:-​

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