The 2nd Secret

Can they survive the frozen wastes of Nὂrdstrὂrm?

Is there any escape from the Tower of Neidelkreig?

'More cool, calculated encounters from Smithbury's keyboard. His storytelling makes compulsive reading'

The Nὂrdstrὂrm Gazette.

'Wait until we get our hands on him…' The Warrior Priests of Neidelkreig.


'The biggest storm to hit Vissenberg in living memory,' The VBC Weather bureau.


'Don't muck with me monkey  boy,' Kezin, pre bio gene agent.


In the exciting second instalment in the Celestial Secrets, Torr, Nattie and Fuzz ball continues their quest, closely pursued by The Aztex and Carthaginian Empires, both hell bent on success at any cost. Can they continue to outwit their adversaries?


The quest for the seven secrets continues, from the brooding menace of the Weird Circus of Dr Wonderfoul, across the frozen wastes of Nὂrdstrὂrm, pursued by genetically enhanced and extremely hungry polar bears, to the inevitable confrontation with the infamous Lord Steal in the Tower of Neidelkrieg.


Aided and hindered by Kezin, in the days before he became a Bio-Gene Agent, Torr and his companions fight for their and humanity's survival against the forces arrayed against them. Find out whether they can recover the Second Secret before the lights go out for good.


Essential reading to any fan of the Astro Saga.


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The quest for the Celestial Secrets continues in:-​

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