The 3rd Secret

Ecological disaster looms large as pollution runs out of control

How long can anyone survive without air, trapped in the guts of Krakiathan?

'With more intriguing dimensions than you can possibly imagine…'

Professor Ami Bankx academic lead on N dimensional exploration,

from the University of Albion on Nautilon.


'Fascinating, truly fascinating!'

Armitage Shanks, self-professed detective of the unreal, nemesis of the underworld, celestial investigator, enquirer of the unknowable, assessor of space, auditor of the asteroids and absolutely deadly in the ancient art of armed umbrellarama.


'Infeyd Krackliafan'

Kiki, your friendly onboard companion


When every waste disposal and recycling unit across the solar system break down at the same time the bin bags soon start piling up and pollution levels go off the scale. On Nautilon, where a delicate ecological balance has only been maintained with blood, sweat and tears, the effect is catastrophic. The Imperial Commonwealth steps in to manage a mass evacuation, but can even their vast resources stem the fetid flow of pestilence?


To their dismay, Torr and his companions discover that the Third Celestial Secret is somewhere deep inside the disaster zone. With rumoured reports of a prodigious monster of biblical proportions, searching the ocean depths for the souls of lost seafarers, dare they continue their search beneath the waves, even if it might cost them their lives?


Introducing Armitage Shanks, a pivotal player in the Astro Saga with a key role to play in the quest for the Celestial Secrets. Will he be a friend, or join the growing list of foes?


A high octane mix of humour and science fiction adventure for children and young teenagers, the 3rd Secret continues to deliver numerous reasons to turn the next page rather than reach for the mobile phone.


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The quest for the Celestial Secrets continues in:-​

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