How the digital age affects you

Riding with the tigers of change

Civilisation is evolving at its fastest rate since the dawn of time. You need to keep up with the change or get left behind. Some might say that you need to hunt with the tigers or get torn to pieces.


Digital technology is an industry disruptor. It has been for a long time now. Does anyone remember the typing pool, carbon paper, telephone sanitizers, taxi drivers? For several years now, it's been the turn of the traditional publishing world. If you're a creative then you need to know what this means for you. Typewriter manufacturers certainly should have done.

It certainly made us sit up and take notice.

The founders of OMG  have spent quite a few years leading technological change across a range of different industries. It's no surprise then that when the publishing industry came up as a target we were fascinated to track it's progress, particularly for the implications it might have for our own creations.


The more we looked at it, the more we became convinced that this had big implications arising from the convergence of several different factors. Factors that have led us to launch OMG with a potentially life changing offer to all creators. 


You've probably noticed them too.

We perceived that the convergence between them was having a profound effect on the world we lived in. It became clear to us that: -

  • Increasing ubiquity of global digital connectivity is creating immense markets. The global population is so big that 7,000 people should win a 1-in-a-million lottery every day.

  • The power of internationally connected social media to rapidly disseminate ideas that resonate with like-minded individuals has huge implications. See six degrees of separation for more on this.

If you're a creator, why might these also be potentially life changing for you as well? 


Because they herald the breakdown of the traditional publishing model, which has formed the backbone of the industry since just before Gutenberg started playing around with second hand wine presses.


And if the traditional publishing model changes what does that mean for you?

  • The ease of creating interconnected digital platforms and the exponential growth of the sector is expanding rapidly. See the Wikipedia article on digital marketing for further details.

  • The resonance between them means that they amplify each other. See resonance and resonance frequencies for a detailed explanation of the concept we're observing.


Together, these factors are all changing the world we live in in a way that we can longer afford to ignore.


So we decided to do something about it.

It means that there are new opportunities for those who successfully predict or adapt to the waves of change (think Microsoft, Google or Amazon).


It means that if you are locked into a publishing deal you may find that the publishers that you are with don't adapt to the changes very well (think Olivetti).


It means that you need to carefully think about your future and lay your plans accordingly. 


The leadership team at Oblique Media have seen consistent patterns emerge as waves of technology driven change have washed across the public and private sectors.

  • Some people just never see IT coming

  • Specialists are specialists because they are in love with their speciality, be they lawyers, accountants, athletes, or creatives. Often they don't want to get involved with all of the business stuff, if they did, they wouldn't be who they are. So it doesn't matter how many self help books are written, or how many online blogs are there to help them they are only ever going to want to do what they enjoy doing.


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