Oblique universes

Creators put immense effort into creating a believable backdrop to their story and then walk away from that investment to start all over again for their next tale. Readers immerse themselves in characters and long to hear their next adventure. New writers never get a chance to be heard because readers want to stick to their old favourites storylines and adventures, but always with a new twist.


What are we talking about here? We're talking Universes. That whole combination of history, characters, locations, culture, bit part players and full blown villains, (not forgetting the heroes and heroines) that've been created for a particular story and then maybe never seen again. That's a waste for many reasons, some of which we've outlined above. We can see a simple solution to that.


Let other creators into those universes.

Why should all that creative real estate be wasted on just one story?

Our solution is to let new creators in so they can develop new stories for those characters.


What happened next? What happened before? What really did happen in that one line allusion to something that happened in the past and was never fully explained?


Most creators don't get time to tell it all and often get bored with their creations long before their readers do. Then let others in to carry on the story, or fill in the past, or invent something you never even thought of.


That's what you'll find here. At least two starter universes: -


...and in time, many more. 


Here you will find opportunities to create using characters, worlds and concepts that are already there, developed and written about. Just carry on where we leave off.


Are we relinquishing copyright? Not at all. We're licensing it in a way that means if it's not successful then you don't lose out. If it is, then we all win. What you'll find on this page are links to Oblique Universes where the creators are happy to open them up to creative ideas that you'd like to try. And we don't just mean stories. Have a look around and if you've got something that you think we might be interested in, then run it by us by getting in contact. If you want to know more about what we are talking about take a look here.

Examples of successful shared creator Universes: -

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